Christian Coachman, D.D.S. – Digital Smile Design

Urs C. Belser, D.D.S. – Update on Reconstructive Dentistry

John Burgess, D.D.S. – The Adhesive Restoration

Nelson Diers, D.D.S. – Guiding Patient Growth to Improve Airways with Myofunctional Appliances

Daniel Edelhoff, D.D.S. – Evolving Treatment Concepts in Restorative Dentistry: Innovative Materials and Digital Technologies

Steve Sheldon, M.D. : Kevin Boyd, D.D.S. – Airway Issues and Children

Marc Cooper – Leadership and Team Building (Open to Staff)

Irene Sailer, D.D.S. – Computer-Aided Prosthodontics: Benefits and Limitations

David Brownstein, M.D. – Alternative Medical Practices for the Dental Provider

Steven Chu, D.D.S. – Current Knowledge in Managing Single Tooth Immediate Implant In the Aesthetic Zone

Ronald E. Jung, D.D.S. – From Tooth Extraction to the Final Implant Reconstruction: Decisions and Timing