May 9, 2019

Jeff Eaton, D.D.S. – Case Presentation : Kathy French, D.D.S. – Case Presentation Backup

Dennis Hartlieb – Book Club – “Lead and Disrupt”

Brant Pittsley, D.D.S. : Rebecca Montgomery, D.D.S. – Journal Review

Felicia Chu, D.D.S. – Pearl

Kathy French, D.D.S. – Review of surveys of April Meeting

Rebecca Montgomery, D.D.S. – Treasurer Report

September 12, 2019

Planning Meeting

October 4, 2019

Jeff Okeson, D.M.D. – Oral Facial Pain

November 14, 2019

Recap of Oct 4 Meeting

Kathy French, D.D.S. – Case Presentation : John Mason, D.D.S. – Case Presentation Backup

Dan Griesing – Behavioral Science Review

Rebecca Montgomery, D.D.S. – Technical Journal Review

Scott Prose, D.D.S. : Chris Schneider, D.D.S. – Journal Review

Dennis Hartlieb, D.D.S. – Pearl

March 12, 2020

Recap of Janurary Meeting

John Mason, D.D.S. – Case Presentation : TBD – Case Presentation Backup

Scott Prose, D.D.S. – Behavioral Science Review

Chris Schneider, D.D.S. – Technical Journal Review

TBD – Pearl

*NOTE: In regard to Thursday meetings, the length of presentations should adhere to the following: Review of Surveys 5 minutes: Case Presentation 30-45 minutes: Journal Review 10 minutes: Pearl 5-10 minutes


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